Who wins one-on-one: Prince or Steph Curry?

Prince was spotted acting super Prince-like courtside Thursday night at the Golden State Warriors game. The smirky lil devil watched Warriors superstar Stephen Curry bank 33 points in a win against the visiting Oklahoma Thunder.

Prince, a noted hoops fan, gave Curry a shout-out earlier this week during a concert in Oakland.

“What can you truly count on besides Steph Curry?” he asked the Paramount Theatre crowd. “And you can count on Steph.”

Last night, Oakland's Oracle Arena greeted our homegrown music legend over the PA, eliciting an animated shrug from Prince. The Internet approved. 
— ⓂarcusD (@_MarcusD_) March 4, 2016 The Purple One's royal entrance — the pomp/circumstance of which was revealed with a tweet from Curry — was documented by ESPN writer Jemele Hill. And Prince's crack social media team got in on the fun (side note: the meme-ization of Prince circa 2016 feels at least partially calculated).  
All of that got us — and we're sure you — wondering: If Prince and Curry go one-on-one, who's winning that wacky contest? Let's find out! 

Google says Prince is 5-foot-2, while Curry stands 6-foot-3. Neither is gonna survive in the paint against, say, Sonic Youth's noise-rock giant Thurston Moore (bro's 6-foot-6!) or Timberwolves big-man Karl-Anthony Towns.
Edge: Curry. 

Prince, 57, has been in the music game since 1976, the same year those tall ships really lifted the nation's spirits after Watergate. Curry, 27 was drafted 7th overall by Golden State in 2009. The Wolves passed on the sharp-shooting guard, instead opting to go with NBA washout Jonny Flynn one spot earlier. The cosmic cruelty of the universe knows no bounds. 
Edge: Prince. 

Over the years, Prince has aided a serviceable roster of proteges: The Time, Sheila E., Vanity (RIP), Wendy & Lisa, Apollonia 6, Jill Jones, and Judith Hill, among others. For his part, Curry has averaged a respectable 6.9 assists per game throughout his career. Check out this sick behind-the-back snipe from last season.  
Edge: Tie. 

Prince's war chest of accolades is staggering: seven Grammys, an Oscar, a Golden Globe, and more than 100 million records — get it? — sold. Curry's no slouch, either, as the 2015 MVP broke his own record for three-pointers in a season twice.   
Edge: Prince

High school basketball photo
Edge: Prince. 

Prince teamed up exclusively with Jay Z's digital music-streaming service Tidal. "Jay Z and I did a deal in 90 days. He gets it. And there’s no matrix," he said of his decision to cozy up with Tidal. Right. Curry, on the other hand, balls with studs like Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, and Harrison Barnes. His delightful toddler daughter would be a cute addition to any team. 
Edge: Curry.

Curry shills for Under Armour, Degree, Muscle Milk, JBL, Brita, and ZAMST. Prince, who famously shuns YouTube and most streaming services, can hardly sell himself. 
Edge: Curry. 

Edge:  Game: Blouses.