Who will be Taylor Swift's special celeb guests at Xcel?

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift will be descending on the Twin Cities this weekend for a three-night, 1989 World Tour extravaganza. Tay is more famous than ever, and everyone wants a piece of her. Her current tour has made more headlines than any musical act in recent memory, largely due to a series of famous special guests who walk out on the stage and sometimes sing, but mostly just wave to the crowd.

Taylor has recently become “best friends” with nearly every it girl (and guy) in Hollywood, and is now using her 1989 tour as a chance to show the world exactly who will show up for Taylor Swift. From the super famous (Justin Timberlake, Ellen Degeneres, basically every supermodel on earth) to super random (several members from the cast of Friends, even Beck showed up for some reason), when it comes to celebrities, if they’ve got a blank space, Tay will write their name on a backstage pass. 

In honor of her visit to the Xcel, I’ve compiled the ultimate special guest wish list, along with some more plausible guesses from the Twittersphere. (Disclaimer: I know a lot about Taylor Swift.)

All of her ex-boyfriends
Whether it be Jake Gyllenhaal, Harry Styles, or that Kennedy kid, Tay bought a house next to, I wouldn’t be surprised to see any (or all) of Tay’s former Starbucks lovers on stage this weekend. This is Taylor’s year of make-ups. In the last few months she has sang with Nicki Minaj at the VMAs after their Twitter spat, and went on a friendly double date with her ex, Joe Jonas.

I mean, Taylor Swift just gave Kanye West a lifetime achievement award after years of publicly shunning him via passive aggressive song lyrics because it “was important to Jay Z” her and Kanye were friends (Best T-Swift quote ever, by the way). Tay is making up with everyone in 2015, and unless your name is Katy Perry (Band-Aids don’t fix bullet holes, after all), even the deepest wounds can heal in time.

Blue Ivy Carter and/or North West
To my knowledge, Taylor has yet to bring any infants on stage. But I believe in her powers.

Kendrick Lamar
In an ideal world, Kendrick would come out for “Bad Blood,” add some verses to each song afterward. They close with “Backseat Freestyle.”

I’m not sure the purple one would be too keen on playing second fiddle to anyone, but if anyone can make the impossible possible, it’s Taylor Swift. Just imagine: Prince and Taylor walk out matching purple outfits. Prince would wear bellbottoms and Tay a matching crop top and shorts set. They could sing some Prince song that is just a little naughty (but not too naughty), and Tay would look out into the sold out crowd thinking, “Yeah, I got Prince to show up. I run the world, bitches.”

Kanye West
Kanye and Taylor are now BFFs and running together for Presidential office in 2020. This was a fairly recent announcement, so it would only make sense that they would start making public appearances together. I’d wish for Kim Kardashian, too, but she hates Minnesota. #KanTay2020

The dentist who killed Cecil the Lion
The two can bond over their recent scuffles with the continent of Africa.

Calvin Harris
I don’t know much about Taylor Swift’s boyfriend other than he is a DJ/babe and they are totally in love and adorable. I figure Tay’s schedule is quite packed as of late, so visiting her on the road would only make sense. Now that they are Instagram-official, that means he’s total fair game for a cameo during “This Love.”

Olivia Benson and Meredith Grey
These are Taylor Swift’s cats. They are pretty famous, cat-wise.
— Leah Garås (@leahgaraas) September 8, 2015 No. 
This is totally going to happen and it’s going to be sad.
#Ralphiegrams deserves to hang with North and Blue.
Maybe, but I can’t picture Tay doing a duet to “The Thong Song.”
Please, please no. I am picturing thousands of confused teenagers.  Tay, don’t you dare bring some boring local athlete on stage. I will accept Ricky Rubio, but only if he sings. Yes. FINE. P.S., Taylor, I’ll be there on Friday.