Who wants to be in a Brother and Sister video?

Brother and Sister are looking for anyone interested in skateboarding to star in the video for "I'm Gonna Do Something Awesome with My Life." Listen to the track at their MySpace page, and then kick-push-coast your way down to the MIA this Saturday, April 21. Full details after the jump.

From Michael Gaughan:

This Saturday, April 21st, we are filming for the BROTHER AND SISTER "I'm Gonna Do Something Awesome with my Life" music video! We are looking for skaters, skateboard enthusiests, punks, people who like skateboarding, etc... We are looking for a multicultural group of people. Please forward this email to anyone you know who wants to be in our video!

We are going out to White Bear Lake. We are leaving Minneapolis @ 1:30 pm and want to be there 2:00 pm. We will film from 2:00 pm-5:30 pm.

We will meet @ the corner of 24th Street and Stevens ave South (right in front of the MIA) to car pool out to the Skate park in White Bear Lake. The Address of the Skatepark is...

Ryan Worthley 1961 Birch Lake Ave White Bear Lake MN 55110

Bring Wild clothes, skateboards and FUN!!!!!!!!