White Light Riot, No Bird Sing featured in this week's City Pages

Spring is always a busy time for album releases, and this is especially true in the Twin Cities. Bands seem to hunker down for the winter, clocking hours in rehearsal spaces and recording studios, only to emerge in April and May armed with new songs, new albums -- and sometimes new bands all together.

In the print edition of City Pages this week, we took a look at two local bands who are getting ready to release highly likeable, yet totally different new albums: Powerful indie rockers White Light Riot and moody hip-hop trio No Bird Sing.

Check out all the music section has to offer this week:

White Light Riot ready to rebound after record label dispute
By Rob van Alstyne

No Bird Sing remember Eyedea on Theft of the Commons
By Jeff Gage

5ingles: The Songs We Can't Escape
By Ray Cummings

Critics' Picks: Paul Simon, Zola Jesus, and more
By Gimme Noise staff

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