White Boyfriend Are Now Known As B.O.Y.F.

L-R: Dan Hansen, Katharine Seggerman, and Nicky Leingang

L-R: Dan Hansen, Katharine Seggerman, and Nicky Leingang

One of the premiere young acts in the Twin Cities broke up with their band name last Friday. Say goodbye to White Boyfriend, and hello to B.O.Y.F.

The experimental pop trio of Katharine Seggerman, Dan Hansen, and Nicky Leingang made the announcement in front of an exuberant 7th St. Entry crowd during the release show for their (no longer self-titled) full-length debut, White Boyfriend. After unfurling a banner featuring the acronym, Seggerman said, "It stands for something really true and great. It stands for Before Others Yourself Forever. "

As previously reported, the group decided they could no longer go on with their previous moniker because a fan felt it was pushing her out, and others had similar concerns. "The way that she put it is that she was already feeling uncomfortable about going to a mostly aggressively white space, and that seeing a band name like White Boyfriend only promotes that segregation," Leingang said.

"Nicky and I had been brainstorming late last Monday about possible meanings for the acronym B.O.Y.F. and Before Others Yourself Forever' was the amazing first thing that came out of Nicky's mouth," Seggerman told Gimme Noise after the show. "It was so sassy and felt so right that we decided it simply had to be the name for us." So there you have it.

The show itself was a playful run-through of the new album with the trio showing tireless dedication to their intricate harmonies ("The First"), pushing aside their exes ("I'm Breaking Up With Mr. Smiles"), and plenty of the aforementioned sass. They capped it with an anxious and brash new one called "I Don't Want to Go to Your Party."


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