Which Awards Show Will Prince Crash Next?

Prince at the Golden Globes

Prince at the Golden Globes

Last Sunday's Golden Globes broadcast had many memorable moments, but one stood as the funkiest. Prince's surprise appearance to present Best Original Song From a Motion Picture to Common and John Legend for their work on Selma not only made the moment more historic, but we'd be lying if we didn't agree that any award instantly becomes more prestigious when it's awarded by the Purple Yoda himself. (Plus, Louis C.K. went nuts.)

That in mind, we have to agree with the social media fanfare that's clamoring for another Prince appearance, and with awards show season kicking off, there's plenty of opportunities for him to surprise us once again. Thanks to the combined efforts of the Minnesota Academy of Prince and Sciences, we've tabulated the Vegas odds of which awards shows Prince may appear at next.

The Grammys:
 7 to 1 While Prince's most recent releases missed the nominations' cutoff date, he's been in the public eye more over the past year than he has in quite some time. As he's one of music's biggest icons, a surprise Prince appearance would be welcomed with a wonderful ovation. Even just Prince popping up in the audience would make the broadcast a must-see for all Prince fans. If he's going to be anywhere, this is it.

The Emmys
: 77 to 1 As we mentioned earlier, it's been great seeing Prince so frequently on television once again. This past year saw him appear on Fox's New Girl as well as a positively spellbinding episode of the short-lived Arsenio. With the Emmys this year not until August, hopefully this return to TV has reignited the acting bug in Prince, which will lead to him making more on-screen appearances and even taking home an Emmy, making him one step closer to his inevitable EGOT.

The Writer's Guild Awards:
 177 to 1 This takes place on Valentine's Day. Being a Jehovah's Witness likely means Prince doesn't observe Valentine's Day, as they look down upon both the veneration of Saints, as well as the holiday's similarities to certain pagan ceremonies. That in mind, it would have to be all the more grating being in a room full of famous people repeatedly asking, "So, what are you doing for Valentine's Day?"

The Merlin Awards
: A 7 Mysteriously Hidden Inside of 7 other 7s to 1 We can joke about how Prince "makes magic" in the studio, but there are so many anecdotes others have from their time with the Purple One that make Prince sound at least somewhat supernatural. From the way he avoids paparazzi to his uncanny knack for surprising us and making our days, is he magic? With the Merlin Awards being the magic world's highest honor, you would think Prince would be nominated one of these years.

The YouTube Music Awards
: 7,777,777 to 1
 Despite being among the first major artists to embrace the internet and use the new technology to connect with fans, Prince has soured on the medium in recent years. Insinuating that the chance for musicians to make money on the internet is "dead," Prince has been opposed to YouTube hosting his music in every capacity imaginable. Thus, him appearing at YouTube's highest honors might require him to report himself and have himself taken down. It's not happening.


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