Where The Wild Things Are T.V. trailer drops


We know that Spike Jonze's upcoming opus Where The Wild Things Are has had, to say the least, a troubling production history. Expanding Maurice Sendak's original 10 sentence story to a two hour long feature? Scared kids in test audiences? A year long delay and a money offload from Warner Brothers to right the ship?

We're unfazed. The initial footage has us too intrigued, and if any director has shown an ability to execute an implausible premise under intense scrutiny, it's Spike Jonez. Yesterday, the new T.V. spot for the film, featuring Karen O's original music, debuted. Head below the jump to check it out.

There's a lot of boldness surrounding Where The Wild Things Are. Infusing the classic of children's literature with enough adult themes to keep the book's now grown reader base entertained? His decision to allow ex-girlfriend and Yeah Yeah Yeahs front woman Karen O. score the whole affair?

We can't help it-- the trailers are too irresistable.  With Jim Henson's Creature Factory handling the wild things' costumes and Jonez's talents channeling his own eccentricity into a commercially palatable product have us all but sold on the film, and we've only seen about two minutes of footage.

the film is a month out, dropping domestically on October 16. Keep your eyes on our print product for a review. And in the meantime, enjoy the scant but revealing footage peppering YouTube.