Wheels on Fire return to St. Paul Sunday night

As is always the case every spring, a lot of big-ticket veteran acts are making their way through town these days. With Paul Simon's recent visit, Duran Duran's gig, and next week's hugely anticipated Cars concert at First Avenue, the spirit of rock 'n' roll from days of yore has never been more prevalent.

But that doesn't mean the underground isn't still bubbling with more great sounds and future classics and Sunday night at the Clown Lodge in the basement at the Turf Club in St. Paul is a fine place to go looking for the new stuff and at a much more manageable price.

Wheels on Fire, a band from the unlikely musical hotbed of Athens, Ohio is making a return to the Twin Cities and are bookended by some newer local bands, the Huckleberrys and Mystery Date, who's activities have reached a full brew and are brimming to dazzle the impending summer crowds.

Wheels on Fire return to St. Paul Sunday night

With a new EP in their ever growing catalog of garage flavored indie-pop on Madison's Kind Turkey Records, Wheels on Fire will bring another batch of dance worthy rock and roll.

Wheels on Fire "Sarah"

Wheels on Fire "Like a Curse"

The Huckleberrys are a classic country offshoot of Wheels on Fire labelmates, Chooglin' who are no stranger to every room in town and an entertaining fix for what moves you on a Sunday night. Mystery Date, made up from some prominent scene vets kick things off with their first gig so show up early to set the pace for a great evening in St. Paul. Huckleberrys, Wheels on Fire, Mystery Date play Sunday May 8 at the Clown Lodge in the Turf Club basement. 8pm $5

Huckleberrys "It's Hight Time you quit Your Lowdown Ways"

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