What's next for our homegrown movie stars?


Josh Hartnett -

After a cameo this spring in

Sin City

, Josh might be looking for his first Academy Award nomination by playing a savant with Asperger's syndrome, a type of autism, who's involved in a doomed relationship in

Mozart and the Whale

. Just ask Daniel Day-Lewis, Holly Hunter, Russell Crowe, Tom Hanks, I could go on and on and on, how much Oscar loves actors playing disabled characters. Later in the year, Joshy appears with Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, and Ben Kingsley in the unfortunately-named

Lucky Number Slevin

and next year in the true Hollywood murder mystery

The Black Dahlia


Rachael Leigh Cook - Rach was poised to be the next hot starlet, her fame culminating in the lead role of Josie in the live-action Josie and the Pussycats movie. She's kept busy, performing in a dozen movies after Josie flamed out. Catch her this fall in the FOX television series "Head Cases" about a law firm made up of outpatients with various mental disorders starring Chris O'Donnell.

Steve Zahn - Zahn, a Marshall native, has become one of the most dependable comic foils in Hollywood, starring in You've Got Mail, Happy, Texas, Saving Silverman, and the Stuart Little movies, just to name a few. Zahn's next project is Disney's first foray into computer animation following their split with Pixar, Chicken Little, playing Runt, the huge brown-panted pig you may have seen in the film's trailer. His next gig posits him as the luckiest man in the universe, starring opposite Selma Hayek and Penelope Cruz as a bank-robbing duo in turn-of-the-century Mexico in Bandidas.

Jessica Lange - You can currently see the Oscar winner as an ex-paramour of Bill Murray's character in Jim Jarmusch's latest, Broken Flowers. Later in the year, Lange will be featured in Don't Come Knocking, by another notable director, Wim Wenders, which, like Broken Flowers, is about a man (Lange's husband and the film's screenwriter Sam Shepard) who sets out to locate a child he never knew he had. Lange follows this up by playing an alcoholic mother to a troubled daughter (Maria Bello) who subjects herself to electroshock therapy and opts to capture the experience on videotape in Aftershock.

Winona Ryder has four movies in production and Kevin Sorbo is available for weddings and bar mitzvahs. And that's your Minnesota movie news for today.

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