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Top 10 Spins This Week at Extreme Noise Records

1. Sunn 0))), Oracle EP (Southern Lord Records)

2. Under Pressure, Black Bile (Fashionable Idiots Records)

3. The Kids, The Kids (Havoc Records)

4. The Arrivals, Marvels of Industry (Recess Records)

5. Pissed Jeans, Help for Men (Subpop Records)

6. Municipal Waste, The Art of Partying (Earache Records)

7. Asbestos Death, Unclean/Dejection (Southern Lord Records)

8. Extinction of Mankind, Northern Scum (Profane Existence)

9. Pandamonium, Demo (Self-Released)

10.Regulations, Different Needs EP (Havoc Records)

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