What are Bon Iver and James Blake going to do in Fall Creek?


The [insert]sphere was alight with excitement yesterday at the news -- the tweet, really -- that Bon Iver and James Blake will be collaborating together within Justin Vernon's casual affair he calls the Fall Creek Boys Choir. Our Music Editor Andrea Swensson said yesterday: "It's unclear exactly what the new collaboration will entail... The whole thing is quite curious. Color us intrigued."

So intrigued in fact, that we decided to speculate on what the pair have planned for their brief sojourn...

[jump] Pushing Music Forward... pushing it backwards?! Both longtime fans of Stéphane Grappelli and Django Reinhardt's genre-defining swing jazz, they (probably correctly) anticipate this as the next big old thing.

Online Trading

These two see an opportunity? Um, yeah, hi, they take it. The current volatility in the world's markets allows for some serious, no-bullshit money-making opportunities, and since they're only in it for the ducats, they figured hey! Two indie darling heads are always better than one. Blake isn't very good at it, though.

Movin' In

What's all the fuss about? Blake's lease was up at his old place, and there's plenty of room at April Base, so it just kinda worked out. Music? Umm no, we've got no plans to record together... what the fuck would that sound like? No no, I don't think so. He's got an NES with like, all the fixins' though.

Blakey and Vern for President

The field of Republican presidential candidates is filled with total nutbars, we know this all too well. What we didn't know, however, is that both Vernon and Blake are moderate right-wingers -- sort of like a pair of honey-throated John McCains ca. 1998 -- who plan to use their time at April Base to strategize their campaign against "Nobama." They've got my vote!

Flying to Space

Justin and James aren't taking the end of manned spaceflights very well. Our dreams live in the stars and all that, right? That's why they'll be spending their time in Fall Creek constructing a two-person spacecraft called April Sbase, with a tester flight to the moon planned sometime in October, before attempting to touch down on Mars around Spring 2012. (Also, coincidentally, around the same time that James Blake's second long player is scheduled to drop.)

Justdead and Euronyjames metal?

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