West Bank venue Medusa can be yours for $295,000

A few folks cruising Edina Realty over the past few days stumbled across a choice listing: The old Medusa building on the West Bank is up for grabs. This, the site of numerous hot, sweaty shows featuring underground punk, metal, and stranger stuff still between 2007 and the summer of 2013 is on the market for the princely sum of $295,000.

Did you have any idea the building was constructed in 1931? Did you recognize what this place actually looks like in daylight hours with no intoxicants in your system? We didn't either.

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As one friend said, "You can't put a pricetag on being the new king [or queen] of the underground." So we'll see if anyone gets out their checkbook to purchase a building featuring a bathroom too gross for Dan Deacon, and a spot that reportedly had its share of bed bugs, worms, and a big pit of oil underneath the building.

What we can garner from the description for "1504 S 7th Street Minneapolis, MN 55454," though, is that it's:
Only 4 steps to the light rail station. Freeway exit visibility. Large lot for many different uses. Building is ideal for creative & office use. Plenty of private outdoor space. Large paved area. Great for redevelopment! Downtown views!
Imagine your redevelopment possibilities, and I'm sure everyone remembers the "Downtown Views!" from their visits. Here are the rest of the photos provided by Edina Realty.

Read the entire listing, request a showing, and calculate your monthly payment here.

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