We're all searching for something

And maybe what you seek is a way to kill a few hours on Saturday. Here's an idea: Get on your bike and ride over to "scAVENGER," a huge bicycle scavenger hunt going down in Northeast Minneapolis.

Bikers will meet at Logan Park, on Broadway and Jefferson St., at 2:30 p.m. for registration, where they will receive a list of items they'll need to collect. At 3:00, teams of 4-6 will then scatter throughout Northeast for two hours, ending at the Spring St. Tavern for an afterparty. Go here for more info; the $5 mininum donation will go to help Chris Zito, a biker who was involved in a nasty hit-and-run last month, pay his medical bills.

Here's the WCCO report on Chris Zito, who was hit by a car while biking down Hiawatha on March 30. The driver sped off, leaving Zito on the road with several broken vertebrae, a broken collarbone, and a broken elbow. He doesn't have health insurance. Two million bonus points will go to the scavenger team that returns with the spineless gas-guzzler responsible.