Weekend DVD three-fer

Weekend DVD three-fer:
the state of the union

Robocop (1987): The heart of the movie lies in the bits of media satire that connect the action scenes, and in the setting itself: a war-zone future Detroit where civil society is only a memory and corporations run a privatized police force and scheme to run the entire place. Funny, smart, and unfortunately fresher than ever.

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Bulworth (1998): Warren Beatty was permitted to make this shockingly candid story of money, politics, and the single-party state in exchange for agreeing to star in the 1994 remake of An Affair to Remember, the very forgettable Love Affair. He later said he got away with it by not telling Fox what it was about, but they got back at him by disappearing the film from theaters in near-record time.

IMDB Bulworth page
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Office Space (1999): Yes, it's already a major cult hit, and probably you've already seen it. If not, see why it's a major cult hit: Here's the Tao of the modern corporate workplace, where rubes and accountants rule and nothing is forever. (Substitute, if you prefer: The Cable Guy, 1996: the Tao of loneliness.)

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