Weekend Checklist: The conundrum of Mavis and Tame Impala + Replacements and Eyedea Tributes

It's turkey week and the usual travel snafus are starting. As I type this, it is 8AM and I am on a Delta flight out of Minneapolis bound for Georgia. I have been up since 4:30 and my flight has already been changed four times. Alas, if you are sticking around the Twin Cities the next few days, don't let the weather get you down. There is plenty of live music to keep you occupied while some of us have to deal with airports. Trust me, you'll be in the better boat.

[jump] Wednesday

Black Dub

Cedar Cultural Center

AA. $20/22. 7PM.

Black Dub is the latest project from production wizard, musician, and composer Daniel Lanois, whose studio work has resulted in landmark albums for such heavyweights as U2, Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel, the Neville Brothers, Emmylou Harris, and, lately, Neil Young's Le Noise. Read more here.

ThursdayStay inside. Eat. FridayRogue Valley (CD Release)Cedar Cultural CenterAA. $14. 7PM.Local singer-songwriter Chris Koza renamed his band Rogue Valley last spring and launched a dauntingly ambitious plan to issue four new albums in less than a year, all tied to the seasons. This release is for autumn and named The Bookseller's House in which Koza and crew will play in its entirety live. Read more here. A Tribute to the ReplacementsFirst Avenue18+. $6/8. 7PM. The Twin Cities might set the record for the largest amount of tribute shows in any given year. Regardless, you mind as well head on over to this one as well. A variety of local bands will be covering The Replacements' major label debut Tim (which is turning 25) including Honeydogs, Pink Mink, the White and Lazy All-Stars (featuring members of Chooglin'), Communist Daughter. The tribute spans both the Mainroom and the Entry. Read more here. Black Friday Dance Party! With Chelsea Boys/Bight ClubTurf Club 21+. $7. 9PM.SaturdayTame ImpalaFirst Avenue 18+. $12. 8PM. When these guys rolled through town with MGMT during their stint at Rock The Garden, Tame Impala canceled their show at the Turf Club because they didn't want to upstage their headliner. Well, it won't be long before Tame Impala blows MGMT out of the water in many respects, and if you miss this show, it will be a little bit before you get a chance to see them again. Notoriously elusive when working with the press, the Australian group has released one of the most critically acclaimed psych rock albums of the year called Innerspeaker. This blogger says "GO." Read more here. EYE Will: A Benefit for Micheal "Eyedea" LarsenTurf Club 21+. $10. 9PM.EYE Will is a celebration of the visual art of a young Micheal "Eyedea" Larsen and the artists he worked with later in his life. The show displays sketches and paintings done by Larsen from grade school through high school alongside collaborations, album covers, and original work from Louis LaPierre, Michael Gaughan, James Penfield and others. Live sets from Face Candy, Kill the Vultures, Kristoff Krane, No Bird Sing, Carnage, Guitar Party, Sector 7G, Mr. Dufaux. All art and ticket sales go to the Micheal "Eyedea" Larsen & Family Fund. Read more here. SundayMavis Staples Cedar Cultural Center AA. $35/40. 7PM. It's been a while since her stint at the Dakota last year, but the Cedar is the next best place for this soulful chanteuse to take the stage, and this show will no doubt be packed. New album is produced by Tweedy of Wilco so the crowd is going to span a large demographic. Try and make both this and Tame Impala. Read more here.