Weekend Checklist: Record releases! Famous people!

by Andrea Swensson & Andrew Flanagan

If CD releases shows are riches, we certainly have an embarrassment of them this weekend in the Twin Cities. Here's a rundown of some of the must-see album release shows and other hot concerts happening in town over the next few nights.


Lazerbeak, The Plastic Constellations, DJ Paper Tiger
Fine Line
18+. $10. 9PM.
Rob van Alstyne did a profile on Mr. Beak's new record recently, and you can read it here.

Cadillac Kolstad's First Fridays
Club Jager
21+. Free. 9PM.

Local Natives, the Love Language, Union Line
First Avenue
18+. $15. 8PM.
Cindal Lee Heart talked to Local Natives' Taylor Rice just yesterday!

The Orpheum
All-ages. $35. 7:30PM.
Cindal Lee Heart talked to Les Claypool JUST TODAY!


Thrones, Christian Mistress, Seawhores
Turf Club
$8. 21+.

Military Special, CLAPS, Aaron & The Sea, Dirty Dancing
Hexagon Bar
21+. Free.
Military Special announced they're breaking up this week, so don't slouch it for real though.

Dark Dark Dark, Roma di Luna
First Avenue
18+. $10. 6PM.
Both of these lovelies are releasing what popular opinion says are their best records ever at this show...
"Smell The Glove" Closing
CO Exhibitions
All-ages. Free. 7PM.
Saturday, October 2 · 7:00pm - 10:00pm CO Exhibitions (1101 Stinson Blvd, NE Minneapolis)


Empty's Tapes Birthday Party w/Sleeping In The Aviary, Bird Sounds, The Chickadee Mtn. Martyrs, and American Lotus
Triple Rock
18+. $5. 8PM.
Disembodied, Nails, Wolvhammer, Much Worse
The Beat Coffeehouse
All-ages. Free. 7PM

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