Weekend Checklist: Off With Their Heads, New Pornographers, Blind Shake, and more


Man-oh-man, what the hell? Did it rain all Bike Walk week? I'm soaked. But remember, big-ass rock and roll sound waves dry you faster than heat--that's science facts, trust me--so dry off and get hot at any number of awesome shows happening this weekend.


Local punks Off With Their Heads--the best punk band you haven't heard yet--celebrate their first release on LA powerhouse label Epitaph Records by headlining two shows: one all ages at Eclipse Records and one 18+ at Triple Rock. The Eclipse show features local taco enthusiasts and thrash revivalists In Defense (the best thrash revival band you haven't heard yet), and the Triple Rock show features Chicago-by-way-of-Paddy-Costello's The Arrivals (the other best punk band you haven't heard yet), Hamburger Help Me!, and The Slow Death (who you might know as having evolved out of Pretty Boy Thorson) open the 18+ show. Eclipse show is $7 at 5:30, go early and buy some records. Triple Rock show is $10 at 9:00, go early and buy some drinks.

Look, if amazing, catchy, stuck-in-your-head-for-months punk rock isn't your bag, I guess you could just go see New Pornographers at First Ave instead. With My Gold Mask. 18+, 8:00 PM, $22 in advance, $25 at the door.

It looks like Self-Evident is hosting a free DVD release show at the Hexagon Bar with Happy, Buildings, and The Waspipinicon, but I can only tell you that from checking Self Evident's website, because the Hexagon HAS NOT UPDATED THEIR WEB CALENDAR SINCE LAST MONTH. Let's fix that, gang. 21+, 9:00.

331 Club hosts WHOOMP! There It Is!, a 90's dance party that I hope is chock full of Miami Bass sex & butts-rap.


I guarantee you that there is nothing quite like The Blind Shake in town, and there's definitely nothing like The Blind Shake when they're fresh off playing their manic, twisted, catchy brand of punk/indie every day for weeks on tour. We call that "tour-tight." You get to see it at the Turf Club with Cococoma and Dante & The Lobster, plus D.Henry and P.Costello "at the coffin" which is cool kid slang for spinning records. 21+ 9:00 PM door, $6.

Holy crap, the Psychedelic Furs are playing at First Ave. If you're a diehard fan if this influential New Wave group, you've already bought tickets. If you're just into retro-chic and awesome jams like Pretty In Pink (right on the heels of the GAYNGS prom last month), bust out your 80's gear and reenact your favorite dance scene from your favorite John Hughes movie. With She Wants Revenge, aka Killing Time Until The Furs Play. 6:00 PM, 18+, $23 advance, $25 door.

Sauce hosts Kill 2 Kill, Blue Sky Blackout, Dragons Power Up!, and Puppies And Trains, 21+, 9:30, $5.


Everbody else has done the singing, now it's your turn. The ever present champion Staraoke is at Grumpy's Downtown with hostess with the most-est Arzu, or try out the hilarious Hairy Kareoke at the Turf Club, which features an entire catalogue of music in old-school LaserDisc format, complete with ridiculously cheesy music videos. "Careless Whispers" sounds great in either room. Staraoke starts at 10:00, 21+, free; Hairy Kareoke starts at 9:00, 21+, and $2.