Weekend Checklist: More than just Soundset

Things are usually pretty quiet in the Twin Cities on Memorial Day weekend -- that is, if you don't count Soundset, Heliotrope, and the Memory Lanes Block Party, three of the biggest independent celebrations of music you can get in town. In fact, I'd say that with those three amazing events, Memorial Day weekend doesn't seem quiet at all; it seems like a non-stop party.

Still, you'd think that with these there events, everything else would shut down, but there's still plenty of other stuff to stumble into this weekend:


Legendary, old, dirty punks MDC (that stands for Millions of Dead something or other) storm the Triple Rock for an all ages show. 5:00 PM doors, $10.

First Avenue hosts F1RST WRESTLING, 7:00 PM, 18+, $10 in the Mainroom and Zoo Animal's CD-release in the 7th St. Entry, 18+, $6, 9:00 PM.

Buildings, Self-Evident, Power Of Two, and Geri-X are at Sauce, $5, 9 PM, 21+.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre stops at the Cabooze. $16, 8PM, 18+.


The Dynamiters, Double Bird, Teenage Strangler, Bombay Sweets split 7"s party (with Tropic of Cancer) take over BOTH floors of the Turf Club, 9PM, 21+, $6.

The Hexagon features Whitesands/Badlands with Magic Castles, Noones, and Teenage Moods, 10:00 PM, always free, 21+.

Josh Rouse heads to the Dakota Jazz Club for a 7PM performance, $22.


The Hexagon features the Guystorm, Buildings, Speed's the Name, and Power Of 2, 21+, free, 10 PM.

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