Weekend Checklist: Is/Is, Brothers Loyalty, All the Way Rider, Ghost Towns of the West

It's Friday, Friday... gotta get down on Friday. Wait, scratch that. Here's some fun stuff instead to get that song out of your head.

Friday 3/25/2011

Is/Is (7" Vinyl Release) The Goondas, Strangelights, Cadetttes
Hexagon Bar
Fresh off their SXSW showcase, Is/Is presents the release of their 7" vinyl.
21+, free, 9 p.m.

Volcano Choir
Cedar Cultural Center
The collaboration between Justin Vernon and Collections of Colonies of Bees plays their first (and quite possibly only) show in Minneapolis. With Mystery Palace.
All ages, $17, 10 p.m.

All the Way Rider (CD Release) Self Evident, Seconds Before, Porcupine
To All the Way Rider, a record is more important than any one song. Join them Friday for the release of more than one song, where the performance of the songs speak louder than the "look."
21+, $6, 9 pm

Wits: Patton Oswalt
The Fitzgerald Theater
Minnesota National Public Radio presents the hilarious Patton Oswalt. Maybe he'll perform in character as Remy from Ratatouille.
Series ticket: $100, Single: $32, 8 pm

Ragmala Dance: Yathra (Journey)
O'Shaughnessy Auditorium
Ragmala Dance blends the East and West to reflect the multicultural world we live in.
$29; 3/25 8pm, 3/26 8 pm, 3/27 2 pm

Saturday 3/26/2011

Brothers Loyalty (CD Release) These Hearts, Alistair Hennessy, Defend the Fatherless Tribes, and more
The Garage
Brothers Loyalty will be releasing their new 7 song EP Inch By Wretched Inch.  Let's make it a party!
AA, $8, 4:30 pm

Ghost Towns of the West (CD Release) Sexy Delicious, Chiefs of the North, Red
Fine Line Music Cafe
Ghost Towns of the West perform their new album in the Midwest.  Don't miss it.
21+, $6, 8 pm

Kristoff Krane with Lauren, Status Reign
The Depot Coffee House
Catch Kristoff Krane before he embarks on his European tour with Sadistik.
AA, 6:30 pm

Firken Fest
The Happy Gnome
Head to the Happy Gnome to experience one-of-a-kind beer at this year's Firken Fest...entrance will be limited, so get there early.
$35, $10 Designated Driver, 1-5 pm

The Greenhornes with Hacienda
Triple Rock Social Club
The Greenhornes. Not to be confused with the Green Hornet, join Jack Lawrence and Patrick Keeler of the Raconteurs/Dead Weather for performances from their latest album ****.
18+, $12, 9 pm

Sunday 3/27/2011

The Skull Defekts, Zomes with Danial Higgs, Whitesand/Badlands
Turf Club
Cracking some Skulls (Defekts), and taking names.
$8, 9 pm

Local Foods
Midtown Global Market
Spring has arrived...despite the snow. On hand will be experts giving advice on the latest plants and growing methods. 
AA, Free, 12-4 pm

Elaine Rutherford: Where All Lost Things Go
Shoebox Gallery
The color of longing commences here with Elaine Rutherford's collection.
Artist Reception 3-5 pm
Open daily 3/25-5/5/2011

The Winter's Tale
Guthrie Theater
The last day to catch The Winter's Tale as we usher in spring.
$24-$64, 7 pm

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