Weekend Checklist: Haley Bonar, Duran Duran, My Lady Four, Black Lips

"Talking about music is like dancing about architecture." - Steve Martin

Friday 4/22/2011

Haley Bonar (CD Release) with Sin Ropas
The Cedar Cultural Center
Simple on the intake, but revealing universal truths with a powerful impact as it sinks in.
AA, $15, 7 pm

My Lady Four (CD Release) with The Teddy Holidays, This Is Breathing, Liz Akhavan
Station 4
Long awaited, highly anticipated.
AA, $10, 5 pm

Charmin & Shapira (CD Release)
Artists' Quarter
Alliteration at its finest.
18+, $10, 9 pm

The Rope ( CD Release) with Thought Thieves, Funeral and the Twilight
Fine Line Music Cafe
They've got you against it...the ropes that is.
21+, $5, 8 pm

Duran Duran
Epic Night Club
All you need is now.
18+, $39.50-$49.50, 7 pm

Broken Bicycles with The Chord & the Fawn, Calamity & the Owl, Al DeSautel
Acadia Cafe
Maybe they were riding through Uptown during rush hour...or just listening to Tom Waits.
AA, Free, 9 pm

Saturday 4/23/2011

The Falderals (CD Release) with Sister Shaw, Makeready
331 Club
Two guitars, two voices blended together to create a unique folk-pop fusion.
21+, Free, 10pm

Steady Progress and INfluence (CD Release) with J-Rolla, Bars & Measures, and more
Blue Nile
Constant advancement and Effect.
21+, Free, 9 pm

Black Lips with Vivian Girls
Varsity Theater
The question of faith; that is the crux of the matter.
18+, $16, 8 pm

Red Pens with Cloak Ox, Total Babe, Oaks
7th Street Entry
Red pens, bleeding hearts.
18+, $6 adv, $8 doors, 8 pm

Easter Egg Hunt
James J. Hill House
Celebrate Easter a day early.
AA, $6, 10-11 am

Sunday 4/24/2011

Talib Kweli
Epic Night Club
Powerful lyrics that spark your intellect and make your body move.
18+, $20-$25, 10 pm

The Itch That Burns
Pink Hobo Art Gallery
Not as gross as it sounds...just exceptional art.
AA, Free, Runs daily 4/8-5/25

The 4onthefloor with The Boys n' the Barrels, Housepet
7th Street Entry
Foot stompin' good time.
18+, $6 adv, $8 doors, 8 pm

Roy Wilkins Auditorium
Read our interview with guitarist Joey Santiago here.
AA. $40. 7:30 p.m.

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