Weed money, backyard hockey, and sexual leather in this week’s Top 5 MN music videos

Manny Phesto

Manny Phesto YouTube

Spring is a return

As much as it seems like a season of newness, spring is really just a revitalization of the life we had before the cold swallowed everything. Spring comes feeling like it’s brand new, even though it’s a pretty obvious retread of what we’ve all seen before.

But there ain’t nothing wrong with that. The renewed ambition is exciting. Everything is exploding right now, my inbox included. So keep bubbling up, Twin Cities. It’s a fantastic feeling. It’s not new, but that doesn’t make it any less good.

Manny Phesto – “Desire”

As we’ve seen here before in Local Frames, Minneapolis rapper Manny Phesto has absconded to San Diego to try and get his CBD business off the ground, but he’s back with another dispatch from the West Coast. On “Desire,” Phesto proves that ambition knows no bounds. If you want something bad enough, you gotta go get it, probation and 9 to 5s be damned. Endlessvisiion shoots the video from inside Phesto’s apartment, showing viewers that success can look a lot like a Saturday afternoon on the couch. “Desire” will not be on Phestos’s upcoming LP Over South.

Saint Small – “Skate Sharpener”

Nothing like the feel of a freshly sharpened blade cutting through some outdoor ice. St. Paul good-time rock band Saint Small wrote a ballad to the man who makes this all possible—Steve from Edgecumbe Recreation Center, a.k.a. the skate sharpener. “Skate Sharpener” goes full the Zambonis, heaping praise on the unsung hero as they skate around a freshly dug out park rink. And before you ask, yes, that is 89.3 the Current program director Jim McGuinn on guitar and lead vocals.

Illuminatè Steele ft. Eve.92 – “Desire by Design/Darker Shade of Heaven/Want Me Remix”

If you need a soundtrack to your deepest kinks, Minneapolis R&B singer Illuminatè Steele is here to indulge you with her darkly seductive megamix. On her new sexed-up feature with Eve.92, Steele combines a swath of her best songs, including February single “Desire by Design," transmuting them into a forbidden rhythm that plays like the background music to Eyes Wide Shut. Entranced? See Steele play a DJ set at the Rubber Ball pre-party dinner at Stella’s on April 26.

The Symptones – “Rosetta”

Sometimes, you just want to flee. Minneapolis soul-rock band know the feeling too well, and the new video for their song “Rosetta” is dedicated to the fantasies that spring to mind when you’re feeling stuck in your hometown. Director Steven George leans heavily on symbols of domestic Minnesota life—docks on frozen lakes, ice fishing shacks, basement ping pong—to create the exact kind of monotony that might make your legs start to itch. “Rosetta” is off the band’s forthcoming release Irrational Fears / Overactive Imagination, which drops April 27 with a show at Mortimer’s.

Maple & Beech – “OK” (lyric video)

Nicole Wilder has been an adjunct member of electronica group Maple & Beech for over a year, but the lyric video for “OK” announces her, finally, as an official element in their groove. The moody J. Klaye-directed visual puts the sultry vocalist at the front and center, showcasing the sweet mysteries she adds to the band. According to Wilder, the song is about "the tension that's created when you try to present too many different selves to the world,” something brought to life in the video’s frantic flashing words. See Maple & Beech on May 10 at the Amsterdam.

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