Web of Sunsets debut "Foreign Body," announce Room of Monsters LP

Web of Sunsets debut "Foreign Body," announce Room of Monsters LP
Photo by Graham Tolbert

Early last spring, local three-piece Web of Sunsets -- including Sarah Nienaber of Gospel Gossip and Is/Is, plus Sarah Bischoff and Chris Rose of Heavy Deeds -- made a splash with their debut seven-inch, "Fool's Melodies." For most of the months since then, the band has been hard at work behind the scenes, putting together their first-ever full-length.

Today we get a taste of what they've been working on with the release of a new single, "Foreign Body," plus the announcement that Room of Monsters will drop next month on End of Time records.

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Recorded at Old Blackberry Way studios in Minneapolis with engineer Neil Weir, "Foreign Body" takes the brittle warmth of "Fool's Melodies" and gives it a spacious, eerie quality. The ragged harmonies that colored the 7-inch and created such a close, communal vibe give way here to a different sort of intimacy, focused around a solo vocal from Bischoff that's at once frail and pretty. For anyone who's enjoyed what they've heard so far of Web of Sunsets, "Foreign Body" bodes well for the new record.

Speaking of which, we finally have a name for the new record, Room of Monsters, and an official release date, February 18. (That's the date the record hits the streets, of course, but no word yet on a release show.)

The record will be available on vinyl and as a download. We also have a full track list, which, you'll note, doesn't include either of the songs from the 7-inch:

01. Wildflowers
02. Navy Blue
03. Perfect Ghost
04. Room of Monsters
05. Sad Forest
06. California Moon
07. Desert Flowers
08. Foreign Body
09. Middle

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