We want your best CC Club stories

Tell us what taking too much of this stuff made you do.
Tell us what taking too much of this stuff made you do.
Photo: Tony Nelson.

In this week's cover story, we comb through the history of storied Minneapolis landmark the CC Club. The bar has for decades been a hub of converging scenes in the Twin Cities, and has counted such regulars as Tommy Stinson of the Replacements, Soul Asylum's Dave Pirner, actor Tom Arnold, and many, many more.

Of course the CC Club stories are endless. We know many of our readers have their own tales of glory and debauchery, and we want to hear them.

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So here's the plan: In no more than a few hundred words (let's call it 500 max), send us your best CC Club story. We'll be loose on the criteria here. Maybe you had a wild night and ended up at Tom Arnold's house back in the '80s. Or maybe you managed to get 86ed one fine evening. Perhaps you even met the love of your life at the CC Club. Just make it good.

Submit your story to the field below by this Sunday night (May 5). We'll review your submissions first thing Monday morning and post the best ones on Tuesday.

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