We tried interviewing Pitbull ahead of his St. Paul concert. It did not go well.

Mr. Worldwide!

Mr. Worldwide!

Grab your dancing shoes, St. Paul. 

On Friday, two superstars will hit Xcel Energy Center for a night of hits and hip-shaking -- rap party-starter Pitbull and Enrique "King of Latin Pop" Iglesias! 

Pitbull, aka Mr. Worldwide, is a titan of entertainment. From his hits ("Timber," "Give Me Everything") to his entrepreneurial savvy (endorsements for Bud Light, Kodak, Dr. Pepper, and many more, plus his own vodka and clothing lines), this biggity boy is truly a diggity dog. 

Ahead of tomorrow's big show, we wanted to see what makes Pitbull tick. Surprisingly, the 36-year-old celeb gives journalists unparalleled access via his Pitbull After Dark Party Cruise website, where a chat function awaits curious scribes, like me.

Pitbull, a noted prankster, didn't make our conversation easy, often pretending he was someone else entirely before ending the interview abruptly. But we still managed to gab about the tour, his new album Climate Change, and even the Miami playboy's sex life. 

Enjoy our conversation with the one and only Mr. Worldwide! 

(You might want to hit the zoom-in button on your browser; the text of our Pitbull interview is frustratingly small)

Here's the transcribed version, if you don't want the squinty authenticity of the chat room:

Katelyn: Hi Jay! Do you mind if I invite my coworker Kristy into this chat for training purposes?

Jay: Sure thing Pitbull!

Operator Katelyn has invited Kristy to join this conversation. Currently in room: Katelyn, Jay, Kristy.

Kristy: Hi Jay!

Jay: Hi Pitbull, thank you for taking the time to speak with us. It’s such a treat to be chatting with “Mr. Worldwide”!

Jay: Tell us about touring with Enrique. Is he a practical joker backstage?

Kristy: You have actually reached the production company for the Pitbull cruise, however, I am happy to answer any questions about the cruise if you like. We are not involved with any of his land based events so I would not be able to provide information about his tour.

Jay: Very funny, Pitbull. Moving on, your new album is titled "Climate Change." Is global warming an issue that’s near and dear to you heart?

Katelyn: Let me know if you have any questions about the Pitbull Cruise! I am happy to help.

Jay: Absolutely. What can we expect on the Pitbull Cruise?

Katelyn: Lots of concerts, activities, fun, and very little sleep!!

Katelyn: It is basically a full festival on a ship.

Jay: Love it! And will you be gracing us with your presence on the ship, Mr. Worldwide? For a concert perhaps?

Katelyn: I'll be there!

Jay: Events like this, I imagine, give you a chance to unwind. You're awfully busy with between music, product endorsements, and shaving your head, after all.

Katelyn: Let me know if you have any questions about the Pitbull Cruise! I am happy to help.

Jay: Good to hear, and yes. I read that you donated your personal plane to assist with Hurricane Maria relief efforts. Will the Pitbull Cruise make any humanitarian stops? Or is it strictly a party vessel?

Katelyn: You have actually reached Sixthman, the company that produces the Pitbull Cruise and I am not Pitbull

Katelyn: Wish I was!

Jay: Ha ha, you're not fooling me, Pitbull. So let's dish: Is there a Ms. Worldwide in your life right now?

Katelyn has left the conversation. Currently in room: Jay, Kristy.