We did it! The ‘Purple Rain’ fan singalong video is back!

Prince fans gathered outside of First Avenue in April 2016.

Prince fans gathered outside of First Avenue in April 2016. Star Tribune

Who says internet outrage never accomplishes anything?

Wednesday, the Star Tribune’s Aaron Lavinsky shared some frustrating news. Lavinsky had shot footage of thousands of fans singing along to “Purple Rain” outside of First Avenue on the night of Prince’s death. A tweet containing the video was retweeted nearly 14,000 times and received 17,000 likes.

But at the request of Universal Music, which claimed the singalong constituted copyright infringement, Twitter had removed the video.

City Pages indignantly reported on the matter, other outlets followed suit, and the Princeosphere caught fire. And that, we all presumed, was that. What do global media behemoths care about our feelings, after all?

But then, this afternoon, Lavinsky shared some good news. He reported that Universal withdrew its notice and the video has been returned to his original tweet.

So let’s all enjoy this moment from April 2016—a moment that even Universal has admitted belongs to all of us. Dare to struggle, dare to win, comrades!