We asked Twitter for music hot takes -- here are the 12 hottest

Flickr; Andreas Eldh

Flickr; Andreas Eldh

Want a fun conversation starter? Tell someone Beyoncé doesn’t have a good singing voice, and see what happens. It may not be the most pleasant conversation, but words will undoubtedly be exchanged.

A tweet of mine from Saturday sent me down a thread full of claims, ones that spurred conversations that lasted for the entire day. The question was simple: Give me a music hot take that you firmly believe in.

The total number of responses approached triple digits, and the takes were all over the board, ranging from the safer “Bohemian Rhapsody is a top song ever" to what you’re about to see. Have your own scorching music hot take? Let's hear it in the comments. 


Beatles fanatics will be quick to defend that band's 12-LP-deep discography.  


This will especially get the local readers going.


They’re off to a great start, but haven’t hit anything near the levels of Stankonia, Speakerboxx/The Love Below, or ATLiens. Also, Black Star, Gang Starr, Mobb Deep, Method Man & Redman all still exist in the history books.


Maybe some of his live shows displayed a bit of sloppy play. Maybe you could argue he isn’t the best ever. But ... hundreds?


Both albums made Rolling Stone’s Top 50 best albums of all-time. Revolver was No. 3. This take is steaming.


It’s one thing to find Beyoncé’s music artificial and boring. But a terrible voice?


This loses a couple spots because it’s probably a joke. It makes it to No. 6 on the off chance it’s a real opinion.


This album was a highly regarded album across the board. Still, no.


Yes, the band that covered "Smooth Criminal" in 2000. That band.


It’s hard to have this opinion, especially as long as “Reckoner” exists




No. Just, no.