We Are the Willows tour diary, Vol. 7


Greensboro, North Carolina was tubular.  There are nice folks, a nice joint called the green bean, and home to some youngster blue grass musicians that make me embarrassed to pick up a guitar ever again.

[jump] Upon arriving to the coffee shop in Myrtle Beach I discovered that my show had been canceled.  But, after some begging, bargaining and an epic arm wrestling match, I was able to play four songs before some seriously tough metal bands played.  And I went to the beach.

My buddy John set up some shows in his town, Hilton Head, South Carolina and in Savannah, Georgia.  Here's the brick oven in Hilton Head:

Oh.  And this nice gal Kelly pulled me in for a smooch.  Weird.

And the magic palace that is the tantra lounge in Savannah, Georgia:

John was one of my first friends in Eau Claire, WI when my family moved there.  He'd come swim in the swimming pool at the hotel my family lived in for several months.  John is to the core, very deeply, a good person.  And his jams rule.  He plays lots of tunes, in bands called, Treble Jay and John Cranford and the Motion Conspiracy.  Here he is.


He gave the whole crew a very informative tour of Savannah.

John also knows a bunch of dudes in GAYNGS and after we played in Savannah, we watched them rock out with their smock out on the ol' boob tube.

Orlando is a cool town.  Unfortunately I didn't see Penny Hardaway or 1995 Shaq.  Bummer.  I did play with a band called THE KNOTS.  They were absolutely mind-blowing.  Rudy's voice melts you.  And Derrick's drumming makes your pants smaller.  If you are a dude.  And I'm too shy to say what happens to your pants if you're a gal.

In Gainesville I found out that I was playing with a Beatles cover band called THE SHITTY BEATLES.  I thought that this could either be really terrible or really awesome.  It was the latter.  There were around 300 people there!  Zoinks!

In Tampa I played at a joint that I feel like I've seen from a helicopter on the T.V. show COPS.  Real nice people though.  The owner used to live in Minneapolis.

I spent 3 days swimming in the ocean and hanging out on the beach in St. Augustine, Florida.  I also went to a movie and snuck into another one.  I've never done that.  I also watched the sunrise.  

I met up with my brother Nicolas and his fiance Helen in Atlanta, Georgia.  They helped me find the least descript building in the world, which was the drunken unicorn.

That show was fun.  We had tons of fun "horsing" around.

It was tough leaving family, but Nashville was pretty rad.  I played with a gal who I met in Big Stone Gap, Virginia (the drug show).  A wonderful singer named Aron Wright set this show up for me quite last minute.  He and his wife bought me supper and a beer.  He made sure people bought merch or gave me gas money.

One thing that has impressed me very thoroughly on this trip is the generosity of others.  There are so many people who have been so incredibly kind to me.  I can't help but wonder if I'm as good of a person as these people.  It makes me want to be.  More travel stories to come.