We Are the Willows tour diary, Vol. 17


I almost got hit by water balloons on the streets of Boise.  I guess that's what I get for being that asshole with a guitar playing for money on the sidewalk.

Apart from college pranksters, Boise is a great town.  I played a swanky restaurant "show" where I'm pretty sure I was the smelliest person the body odor sense...not in the AXE men's body spray sense...some other dudes had that covered.

​The next night I played at an awesome place in Boise called the Visual Arts Collective.  A gentleman named Eric Gilberts from the band Finn Riggins set up the show for me.  He put a lot of work into the show and folks came out.  I felt really lucky to play at such a cool place.

​To top it off, after the show Eric recorded a couple of tunes and interviewed me for his radio show on KBRX 89.9, Boise's public radio station.  It was super late so I'm a little nervous that I didn't make any sense.  I may have went on a tangent about my love for mozzarella cheese.  Eric was incredibly generous with his time and I couldn't thank him enough for that.

​Coming into Seattle is strange because the city suddenly appears out of a world of trees and mountains.  Seldom do I feel like I'm entering into something foreign, but Seattle definitely felt like that.  I played as a small cafe in town on Friday and then had a day off to do some fun stuff with friends; like walkin' around.

​Visiting a wall of gum!

​Climbing a mountain...

​Getting lost in the Seattle Public Library.  I could have spent days in there.

​I even went and saw Dr. David Bazan; he has a PHD in kickin' ass.  My pictures were too blurry to post, which doesn't kick ass.

Sunday's show in Seattle was a bummer.  There were so many blunders that took place that it makes me feel silly for having even played the show.  I don't know if I've ever paid to play a show, but that's what ended up happening and it was not radical.  Some of my pals were there though.  That's the best.

​Blunders must be contagious because my first show in Tacoma, WA had one too.  In booking shows, ya kinda negotiate how to work out money and it can be kinda tricky, but its even trickier to get your money when the venue doesn't schedule a person to run the door and actually take people's money.  By the time I realized there was not going to be a door person, it was kinda too late.  I guess I could have gone up to every person and made them give me money.  That would have been real cool.  

​On the bright side, the local bands that played brought lots of folks out and I met some incredible people.  One of which was Holly Newsom's (Zoo Animal) sister.  Cool!  
The next night was the kind of night that makes up for about a billion blunders.  I played a house show at Aaron and Stephanie's beautiful home in Tacoma with Aaron Spiro and the David Wax Museum.

​One thing that is strange about playing all these shows is adjusting to when people either do or don't give a shit about what they are hearing.  Often times, it feels as if folks don't give a shit, so I just kinda expect that folks won't.  Then when it seems like they do, I'm always kinda confused.  I ask myself, "What's different about these people that makes them interested?  What can I do to make folks interested?"  It's strange.  

Then I realize, oh, its just people between the ages of 5 and 8 that like my tunes.

​More travel stories to come...