We Are the Willows tour diary, Vol. 16

​It's been a couple weeks since my last entry and in that time, I've been less of a musician and more of a doting uncle, or a mediocre but proud best man, or a sleep walking kamikaze.  Hopefully that will all make sense if you read this.

After Fort Collins, Co, I made my way to Laramie Wyoming.  The downtown felt a lot like Eau Claire Wisconsin's downtown.  There weren't many people at the show, but the highlight of the night was a guy showing up late who had heard my tunes on Daytrotter.  I had already packed up, but I pulled out the ol' six-string and played a couple tunes for him. 

That night I slept at a rest stop in Wyoming where I'm pretty sure I could have been murdered, hidden and never found.  It was spooky!

​Then I stopped in Provo, Utah to play at a joint called, Muse Music Cafe.  It seems like everyone in Provo is a good songwriter.  And look, Minnesota is taking over Utah!

​I'm pretty sure those folks are taking over a little more of Utah than I am though.


The next night was a show in Odgen, Utah at a joint called, The Basement.  Jason, the dude who runs the joint did an awesome job of promoting the show and getting some great locals on the bill.  This band Mermaid Baby, from Ogden, is such and incredible rock band.  Jason also paid me much more than we had agreed on.  What a saint.  Also, some folks invited me to a karaoke bar after.  It was a blast.  Gosh.  Ogden rules.

​So, I've been doing this touring business for about a year now and for this trip I thought I had gotten a bit of a handle on how to set up a successful show.  My show in Salt Lake City was one that I was most excited for.  I was able to get a show at a joint called, Kilby Court which, though it kinda looks like a poop chute...or a shed, is pretty reputable; lots of bands I like play there.  I got a few local bands on board that I thought would bring folks out.  I thought; good joint, good bands, this will be a good night.  I think there were only 12 folks that paid to get in.  Weird.  One thing I'm learning is that there are a lot of factors involved in setting up a successful show and some of those factors are out of my ability to control.  Whatever the case, Emme Packer and Libbie Linton sounded awesome.  That's a fact.

​Next I made my way to Idaho, Idaho Falls to be exact.  Villa Coffee house in Idaho Falls, Idaho to be even exacter.  I did some very last minute shopping for clothes for my brother's wedding in which I was the best man.  (See...mediocre).  I played a show with a metal band and this dude Mike from a band called Loom.  His solo gig is called Jesus or Genome.

​The next week went flying by with little music happening.  I drove to where my brother lives in Mackay, ID.  

​I spent time hangin' around in the mountains with my bro, and his dogs.

​I sleep walked over five cement stairs and now my leg has a really weird bump on it that won't go away.  I also sleep arranged all the pillows on the couch into a huge pile.

I played a show in Driggs, Idaho where my brother and his wife got married.  My niece definitely stole the show with her dance moves.  I wouldn't have it any other way.

​I brought the ol' family van in for a tune up.

​I spent a week in one of the most beautiful places with some of the most beautiful people.  I'm a lucky dog.

​More travel stories to come...

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