We Are the Willows tour diary, Vol. 11


I haven't had too many shows over the last week.  It's been kinda nice, but I've noticed that, for some reason, I've started looking like a step dad on vacation; Tucked-in T-shirts, goofy vacation hats and payless cross trainers.  Weird.

[jump] I saw my friends Aron and Kelly in Nashville and met their diaper wearing doggy!

Aron makes tunes and helped me out with a show the last time I was in Nashville.  He also has a high voice.  We should start a band.

I played in Atlanta the next day.  Have you ever met people who were so nice and happy that you had to wonder if they were on drugs?

These dudes played music along to an animation that one of them did and it was hilarious and awesome.

After Atlanta I time traveled to Florida!  Whoa!!!!!!


I had a couple of days off so I walked around on the beach:

Read a weird sci fi/fantasty/western/magical sexapade book by Stephen King (Stephen,  you're a weird dude):

And tried to take a picture of myself.  Believe it or not, this was the best picture I could get.  I think my arms are too short.

The next show was in Gainesville, FL, and it was the start of two straight weeks of shows.  I was really excited to play here again because the last time I played it was so much fun!  And, I was not disappointed.  I played with an awesome band called, Dirty Fist!  I feel like they should be from Minneapolis.  They feel like Powderhorn Park.

Folks are so nice in Gainesville.  Someone even gave me a bag full of bread and a bag full of fruit.  Mmmmm.

The next night was in Orlando and it was so much fun that I forgot to take pictures at the show.  But here's a picture of downtown.  Cool.

I got to Jacksonville super early and ended up seeing some folks I played with in Atlanta.  We walked around and watched some people LARPing

I biked around for a while and then played at a joint called Underbelly.  I played to about 10 folks and by the time I was finished, the audience looked like this, which felt like -$1,000,00

But then, about two minutes after I finished, a few folks strolled in who came specifically to see me.  So I played another set for them.  I sold a bunch of shirts and CDs.  Aww man.  The night ended up being so great.

More travel stories to come,