We Are the Willows tour diary, Vol. 10

The Blacksheep Cafe in Springfield, Illinois is one of the shpookiest places I've played.  It's all boarded up on the outside and is all graffitti'ed up on the inside.  It's like shredder's lair  If it weren't for Kirk and Dustin's tunes being so nice I would have been shakin' in my boots!

The next day I went to the ol' state capital in Springfield and learned some things about the great emancipator, Mr. Abe Lincoln.  And I learned that the tour guide got married in one of the offices. Rock 'n' roll.

I played in Bloomington, Indiana again on this trip.  It's frustrating when venues don't put up any of the posters you send em'.  Dag yo.  The sound gal Evalyn let me crash on her couch and I got to cook myself a meal.  Now, this means more than you think.  After being on the road and being broke, eating semi frozen food from the van, and not much of it, and feeling really indebted to nice folks who make you food, being able to cook yourself a hot meal is heavenly.

Quote of the night in Indianapolis, "Hey, you should tour with Hank Williams Jr.  I don't think he carries a gun on him...he does keep a tiger in his tour bus though."

Sleeping in Indiana was the coldest.

Even watching Seinfeld in the van couldn't keep me warm.  "The sea was angry that day.  Like an old man returning a bowl of soup in a deli." -George Costanza

The following show was a show I had been looking forward to for sometime.  I met my buddy Max in Washington D.C. on my last tour.  He lives in Columbus, Ohio and he saved me from playing a complete poop chute in Columbus.  On this trip he topped himself by asking me to play his record release show.  His jams are so heartbreaking and heart-making.

Listen to Dolfish. His cd/tape release show as at a joint called the Treehouse.  They literally built the building around a tree.  Whoa.  (Like the way keanu Reeves says it.)

Driving in the Midwest can be so boring it's dangerous.

While booking my show in Lexington, Kentucky I think I got a little greedy.  I received confirmation from both a coffee shop and a bar and decided to play them both.  It meant bailing out early from the coffee shop show and showing up late to the bar show.  It also meant not listening to the Jairaj's jazz group at the coffee shop and missing the opening local at the bar.  But I did get to catch Andrew and Matt in Englishman and they were real nice and forgave me for being late.  True gentleman.

These jazz dudes at the coffee shop were great.  I feel like I've seen pictures of Jairaj and his bass on Google before.

Al's bar ruled.

More travel stories to come,

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