Wayne Coyne's doodles: 10 psychedelic drawings from the Flaming Lips frontman

When Wayne Coyne was on the phone with writer Natalie Gallagher for her interview that is running in this week's City Pages, the Flaming Lips frontman mentioned that he was using his time tethered to the phone for interviews to sketch an "elaborate doodle." After their interview, Coyne uploaded it the drawing to Twitter for all to see, and a scan of his backlog of TwitPics shows that it's just one of many psychedelic sketches he's made while chatting with journalists or spending downtime on airplanes and in the studio.

Out of curiosity, we rounded up some of Coyne's other doodles from recent months, and the collection of impromptu artwork offers an interesting glimpse into the restless mind of the psych-pop songsmith -- as you can see, many of them center around the same, um, female-centric theme.

[jump] Here's the drawing Coyne made while talking to Ms. Gallagher (he wrote down her name for reference in the middle of the page). Each of his doodles comes with a quick description: "Just doodled this while doin a batch of interviews!!!! Thanks everyone !!!"

"Doodle done while doing some interviews with some journalist from Montreal."

"Doodle done while talking with Edward from New York Times..."

"Doodle done while talking with 5 journalist in a row!!!! Ha ha!! Cool interviews!!! Thanks!!!!!"

"Concept drawing for vag theatre entrance at Womb Gallery!!!!"

"Got this doodle going while Michael found some NASA sounds."

"Added this horny mermaid scene to yesterday's doodle while talking to Chicago Tribune..ha ha."

"Doodle done while doing interviews..."

"Doodle done while doing phone interviews with some guys from L.A.!!! Thanks!!!"

"Doodle done while talking with Consequence of Sound!!!! It was a cool interview !!!! Thanks."