Wavves fall apart in Barcelona


We suspected it wouldn't last long, and the fact that Nathan Williams, the nucleus of the ultra hip Wavves, pitched the hissy fit heard 'round the world on the Pitchfork stage of the Primavera Festival in Barcelona only makes the great undoing a little more wickedly delightful.

Today, Pitchfork reported on a curiously dour Wavves performance at what ought to have been a dream show-- prominently slotted on a second stage that had seen performances by My Bloody Valentine and Aphex Twin earlier in the evening.

Wavves is "So Bored," and he's not the only one.

But it wasn't so. Something had crawled up Mr. William's butt and died a painful death. Check this blurb from Pitchfork's review:

Ryan ran offstage, throwing his drumsticks at Nathan. Infuriated, Nathan screamed into the mic, "Come back here, motherfucker, we're not done yet!" Immediately, stage crew appeared, breaking down Ryan's kit. "Fuck!" Nathan shouted, "Stop doing that!" They didn't, so Nathan decided the show must go on. Helplessly, he strummed his guitar again, clearly intent on playing another song. But as he stepped back to the mic, he realized it had been cut. As the crowd booed, the house lights came up, and a defeated Nathan Williams threw his hands up and left, along with the few remaining attendees.


The cataclysmic end was preceded by a bizarrely nonchalant, contemptuous Williams, absently strumming his guitar and plodding through half tempo, distracted, garbled versions of his indie hits.  Shoes were thrown, insults exchanged, bottles dodged.

If it weren't the era of apathy, where nodding one's head with hands in pockets is the preferred expression of approval at a rock show, this might look something like Motley Crue getting shelled with shot glasses in their early days at the Whiskey. But it isn't. If you'll forgive the vitriol, it's just some snotty teen aged kid who got too much too quick and now can't be bothered to play a powerchord on time in front of a mildly disappointed crowd.

Luckily, Gimme Noise was never fully sold on the fad. To us, it was low rent punk being marketed as something much finer. So we're not out much in this deal.  And on a day that sees Morrissey cancelling yet more shows, we'll snidely take Wavves' collapse as a piece of comparatively good news.