Watch Tickle Torture and Velvet Negroni's musical love letter to Prince


The musical tributes to Prince keep rolling in, this time from amorous funk-pop mastermind Tickle Torture and collaborator Velvet Negroni. 

Torture -- aka Elliott Kozel (Sleeping in the Aviary) -- and Negroni -- aka Jeremy Nutzman (Pony Bwoy, Marijuana Deathsquads) -- joined forces for "Full Court Press," the song/music video that premiered Tuesday via Vice's music blog Noisey.

In it, we hear Negroni channeling Prince to the max over a sexy, super-chilled funk beat. The lyrics cite elevators, pills, and funeral clothes, but the vibe remains upbeat as we view scenes shot on dirt roads in Chanhassen, Minnesota, outside the tribute-clad gates of Paisley Park, and near First Avenue. Things culminate, appropriately, with a moody guitar shred-fest. 

The music video, posted below, features cameos from Twin Cities music-scenesters Mark Ritsema, Mina Moore, Ryan Patrick Norton, DJ Tiiiiiiiiiip, and others. 

"When I started Tickle Torture five years ago in Minneapolis, my only goal was to embody the sex-funk dynasty that Prince left in his wake," Kozel tells Noisey. "I remember looking around the scene and seeing a million shitty Replacement knock-off bands, but not one single shitty Prince knock-off band. So that became my mission."

Kozel, who's currently based in L.A., describes "Full Court Press" as "our attempt at a musical 'pouring one out,'" for Prince, whose death in April caused a tidal wave of mourning that shows no signs of cresting. 

"This collaboration is a love letter to the city of Minneapolis," he says of the Totally Gross National Product-issued single, "and the infinite inspiration left on this planet by Prince Rogers Nelson."