Watch: Prince's The Arsenio Hall Show performances and interviews

Watch: Prince's The Arsenio Hall Show performances and interviews

The typical late-night talk show appearance is over almost as soon as it starts. Prince wasn't going to let that deter him once Arsenio Hall was game to give him an entire hour. A good 20 years after the pair got together on Hall's old talk show in the '90s, the Purple One brought 3rdEyeGirl, the New Power Generation, and Liv Warfield for a night of performances and pointed personal questions. Gimme Noise watched, and it was better than New Girl because Prince got a lot more screen time.

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Personal Q&As with someone who lives in a shroud of mystery almost always yield some amusement. We learned over the course of the show that he doesn't carry a cell phone, he claims to have never seen an infomercial, he just rewatched Purple Rain the other day, he likes to cook omelets, and lots of people want to touch him all the time. Here are the interview segments.

Don't touch Prince's hair:

Talking infomercials and Purple Rain:

Breaking up a couple:

As for the performances, Prince brought firepower for full-band arrangements of "She's Always in My Hair," "FunknRoll," a cut from Liv Warfield's new album, and "Mutiny," which sounds a lot like something the Time could've recorded a few decades back.

"She's Always in My Hair":


Liv Warfield performing "Soul Lifted":


Watch the entire episode:

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