Watch Paul McCartney lovingly cover Prince at Target Center [VIDEO]

One icon salutes another.

One icon salutes another.

On the night of Prince's death, thousands gathered for an impromptu concert outside First Avenue to celebrate the music legend. As they sang and danced as much as elbow-to-elbow conditions permitted, another songwriting genius accidentally loomed over the crowd.

A sprawling banner promoting Paul McCartney's One on One tour draped the side of the Target Center, serving as the de facto backdrop for the small stage erected at 7th Street and 1st Avenue. It was almost like Sir Paul was present that emotional night. Watching. Loving. Trying to sell concert tickets.

But on the front end of back-to-back Target Center gigs, the living Beatle gave a more intentional, heartfelt tribute to a fellow icon. Amid his 2.5-hour set Wednesday night, Macca busted out a freewheeling cover of the Purple One's infectious “Let's Go Crazy.” With Prince's purple symbol shining behind him, McCartney cracks a delighted smile as the crowd reacts to the opening notes.

Macca more than capably holds down the bubbly rhythm. But props to an off-camera guitarist wailing their purple heart out during the solo.

Fortunately, someone on Macca's payroll caught the tributary jam on camera and threw it on social media (thanks, guy!). Fingers crossed for more Prince love at tonight's show. But for now, check out the video below and our complete review of the show here.