Watch Minnesota alt-country act Dead Man Winter make TV debut on 'Conan'

Dead Man Winter destroying "Destroyer" on "Conan"

Dead Man Winter destroying "Destroyer" on "Conan" TBS

Mr. T's a tough act to follow, but that's exactly what Minnesota alt-country band Dead Man Winter did Thursday on TBS talk show Conan.

Did the group come off as fools, ones requiring pity? Not in the slightest! The de facto solo project of Trampled by Turtles frontman Dave Simonett stormed through "Destroyer," the irresistibly riffy lead single from January's Furnace, during the rock-solid TV debut.

Host Conan O'Brien -- noted guitar guy -- was impressed, stating "love that!" as he greeted the band (he also appears to wanna steal guitarist Erik Koskinen's gear). Also of locally connected note: DMW draped the contentious Minnesota state flag on their keyboard. 

Thursday's episode featured guests Wanda Sykes and the aforementioned Mr. T. TbT, Simonett's celebrated, on-hiatus Duluth bluegrass band, rocked Conan in 2013

For much more on Dead Man Winter, revisit our recent cover story that explores how Simonett turned personal devastation into his best album yet. And to watch loads of local music stars dance it up, check out the the music video for "Destroyer."

You'll next see Dead Man Winter 'round these parts during June's Blue Ox Music Festival in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.