Watch Lizzo win over Rihanna, rest of the universe at BET Awards



So far, 2019 feels like an endless victory lap for Lizzo, the Minneapolis-launched rapper/singer/flautist whose quest for pop superstardom is pretty damn complete. 

But the real-life Melissa Jefferson just keeps bringing it. Consider Sunday's BET Awards performance of Cuz I Love You cut "Truth Hurts," which saw Lizzo—decked out in sexy bridal gear—descend from a mountainous wedding cake and twerk as she rips a flute solo, all while not missing a vocal beat. 

See for yourself: 

Did our locally connected queen slay? That much should be obvious. More telling is the clap-tastic approval Lizzo earned from Rihanna, who rules pop on a god-level tier alongside Beyoncé and Taylor Swift. 


Lizzo's protracted victory lap will pass through Minneapolis' Armory on Oct. 9 and Oct. 11. Both shows are extremely sold out. 

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