Watch Lizzo perform 'Juice' on 'The Tonight Show,' completely win over Fallon

It's Lizzo!

It's Lizzo! NBC

Lizzo is one of Jimmy Fallon's favorite new artists. On Tuesday, The Tonight Show host said so while introducing the irrepressible rapper/singer/flautist, who performed "Juice" for a national TV audience.

Did the rocketing, Minneapolis-launched star provide a rump-shaking, ass-slapping good time? You better believe it. But don't take our word for it: 

Folks! She turned into a dang disco ball. 

The performance clearly tickled Fallon, who giddily exclaimed afterward: "That is how you do it! Show-stopper! Standing ovation! Not bad! Oh, unbelievable!"

Hitting up The Tonight Show was the latest publicity stop as Lizzo gears up for the release of Cuz I Love You, her new album that's due out April 19 via Atlantic Records. She'll show it off May 5 at St. Paul's Palace Theatre.

On Sunday, Lizzo appeared in New York Magazine under the headline "It’s Just a Matter of Time Till Everybody Loves Lizzo" (the spread features some striking butt photography). Last week, she treated The Ellen DeGeneres Show to a live rendition of "Juice." 

Lizzo, 30, has come a very long way since winning our humble Picked to Click prize back in 2013