Watch Lizzo 'Juice' up 'Ellen'


Lizzo YouTube

It’s not every day that Lizzo does something newsworthy, but it sure feels that way sometimes.

Whether releasing a glam new video for “Juice” or engaging in ferocious flute beef with Will Farrell alter egos, the rapper/singer/et cetererer has become Minnesota’s most bloggable musical import/export.

Yesterday, Lizzo performed “Juice” (which is great—I said so right here) on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, a popular television program presumably named for its host, Ellen DeGeneres. (Otherwise, that would be an amazing coincidence.)

Of course you, as a citizen of the 21st century, don’t watch terrestrial TV. You head online and scroll past all these words I’m typing to see this video clip.

Let me now describe what you’ve just seen using more words. Fabulous in pink, Lizzo checks herself out in some mirrors helpfully proffered by her backup dancers, and eventually the whole crew is out dancing through the aisles. And there is indeed flute. Also, nice to see longtime Lizzo collaborator and Go 95.3 DJ Sophia Eris, who's got plenty of her own music in the works for 2019.

The whole performance was a blast. But was this a newsworthy event? Google will tell us.


Whoa, looks like we’re not the only ones who thought to share this clip. You know what they say about “great minds.” Turns out it applies to bloggers too. And believe me, blogs don’t use “unleash” for just any music news.

Lizzo’s new album Cuz I Love You is due on April 19. Her tour will kick off at Coachella a few days before that, and then she’ll arrive at the Palace in St. Paul on May 5.