Watch Justin Vernon endorse Bernie Sanders at a Wisconsin rally

Justin, left, and Bernie.

Justin, left, and Bernie.

We've heard of For Emma, Forever Ago ... but For Bernie, In 2016?

That's the changing tune of Justin "Bonny Bear" Vernon, the indie-rock heavyweight who endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders at a rally Friday in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.

"Every person has the right to have their life protected within the integrity of justice, their liberties celebrated and their pursuit of happiness fully allowed," the Wisconsin-born Bon Iver frontman said at the University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire's Zorn Arena. "I feel that Senator Sanders looks at [this election] as not a personal opportunity, but as charge with which only he has the courage and ability to fulfill." 

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The Vernon endorsement — which you can watch below, beginning at the 5:20 mark — is another boost to the already booming support Sanders enjoys among hipsters, a demographic that may or may not help him win Wisconsin's primary on Tuesday (see a partial list of rock 'n' roll Bernie-backers here). 

Polls suggest the Wisconsin primary battle between Sanders and rival Hillary Clinton will be a close one. Securing the coveted BoDeans endorsement could give either candidate the edge. 

Powerful stuff.

Which, of course, leads us to this inevitable question: Will Bernie be attending Vernon's Eaux Claires Music & Arts Festival from August 12-13? We could see the indie senator from Vermont vibing hard on Bruce Hornsby performing The Way It Is in its entirety, but only if he loses out at the July 25–28 Democratic National Convention.  

Also of note: On Sunday, indie-rock faves Best Coast played two songs at a Bernie rally in Madison.