Watch Har Mar Superstar get interviewed by a fourth grader

Here's Har Mar talking with his hands.
Here's Har Mar talking with his hands.

Your day will improve measurably to see the on-camera interactions between Har Mar Superstar and future talk show host Leo Lorge. Initiated by MTV Hive, the interview occurred as part of a Kidrockers show (more on that here) recently in Brooklyn.

The young and bold Lorge holds his own asking moderately tough questions of Har Mar, including some in-depth inquiries about an appearance on the George Lopez's talk show Lopez Tonight. Compared to many of the conversations that are surrounding this week's release of Bye Bye 17, Sean Tillmann's new Julian Casablancas-facilitated transformation into a soul singer, this shows an undeniably softer side.

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The best part of the clip is when Har Mar gets asked about the many women he gets to kiss.

"Do you ever get worried that the girls you kiss have husbands?" Lorge asks, point-blank. And it's a delightful interaction from there on out.

Kids may say the darndest things, but we can all learn a bit from the young interviewer about just trying to have fun while having a conversation with an entertainer.

If you are a fourth grader or know one who would like to interview bands, we'd be glad to have you aboard.

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