Watch boxer Caleb Truax's training routine set to Big Cats beats

Watch boxer Caleb Truax's training routine set to Big Cats beats
A still from Rob Perez's video for City Pages

Osseo-based boxer Caleb Truax is currently 18th-ranked middleweight in the world, and resides on this week's City Pages cover. The story, written by the golden gloves of CP's Jesse Marx, details the struggles any Midwestern boxer faces to gain legitimacy in the sport outside the region.

One can't help but respect Truax a lot more while watching his exhaustive training regimen at Lyke's ACR Boxing Gym in Coon Rapids. Filmed and produced by Rob Perez, the clip captures this fighter's intensity, focus, and dexterity. Those three things also apply to a guy who knows how to punch an MPC, hip-hop producer Big Cats. His "Pyramid Makers" off last year's Lesser Lights EP makes for the perfect accompaniment here.

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City Pages: Boxer Caleb Truax training for a fight from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

Stream and download Big Cats' "Pyramid Makers" and the rest of the Lesser Lights EP here:

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