Watch Beyonce's Prince tribute at TCF Bank Stadium [VIDEO]

Did the Prince tributes peak last night?

Did the Prince tributes peak last night?

The death of Prince turned half of the world's music stars into temporary cover artists. 

In the days that followed, dozens of major, even iconic talents, paid homage to Minnesota's fallen son onstage. Most often, this came with a band or singer taking their crack at "Purple Rain." 

Prince fans appreciated these tributes, particularly those by artists who clearly had a friendship with Prince, or at least drew artistic influences from the one-of-a-kind icon. 

It adds something more when the appreciation takes place in Minneapolis. And when the performance comes from quite literally the biggest female solo act in the world. 

With Beyoncé's two-song set of covers at TCF Bank Stadium Monday night, we might have reached peak Prince tribute. 

"Prince, I love you," she said, after a long gaze at the sky. 

First, Beyoncé wailed and roared her way through "The Beautiful Ones," a Purple Rain classic that cannot be done justice without a huge emotional commitment from the singer. She delivered.

Almost without interruption, the song segued into "Purple Rain," as the gigantic backdrop display behind Beyoncé went a vivid purple. Turned out, she wasn't planning on singing this one herself, instead leaving it to Prince — and to tens of thousands of fans, of hers, and of his — to carry the tune. And Minneapolis will happily fall for that trick every damn time.
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