Watch Beck perform a Prince medley at Paisley Park

Hey, that's not a raspberry beret. It's just a regular old hat.

Hey, that's not a raspberry beret. It's just a regular old hat.

Paisley Park is open for business.

Last week, Beck released an EP (exclusively on Amazon Music) recorded out at Prince’s Chanhassen stronghold, called, appropriately enough, The Paisley Park Sessions. He also made available a brief behind-the-scenes video documenting the process, showing him suitably clothed in a purple blouse and slacks.

Among the tracks on that EP was a medley of Prince hits, and this week, he’s released that full performance as a video. What does it all look and sound like? A little something like this:

But perhaps you’d rather read about the clip than watch it? Well, then, Beck opens with “Raspberry Beret,” a song he performed regularly in concert during his 2018 tour. He then segues into “When Doves Cry,” “Kiss,” and, finally, “1999.”

In the behind-the-scenes clip, Beck offered some vague praises of Paisley Park. “It’s special to be here and see it in person,” he said. “Every studio has its own life to it, kind of special energy. It felt very creative. I didn’t have any expectations of what I wanted to happen, it was just kind of coming in here and seeing where it took us, and it was surprising.”