Ward Sutton hangs up his pen (for now)

class=img_thumbleft>Ward Sutton's political cartoon, "Sutton Impact," will cease with the publication of next week's edition. In a note to newspapers currently running his work, Sutton stated that retiring the strip (which began as the bi-weekly "Schlock 'n' Roll" in 1995) was not a decision made lightly. Local residents may recall the Minneapolis native's comic, "Ward's Cleaver," featured from 1990 to 1997, in the late Twin Cities Reader. Following a move to New York City in 1995, Sutton's career expanded to illustrating posters for the likes of Beck, Pearl Jam, and Blues Traveler. He has also produced artwork for Broadway shows, and animated sequences for Comedy Central's Strangers with Candy and Nickelodeon. Sutton denies this is the end of his political cartooning career, but after nine years, it will be a much-needed break from weekly deadlines.