Wanna see Prince's badass car and motorcycle collection?

One of Prince's motorcycle's on display at Paisley Park

One of Prince's motorcycle's on display at Paisley Park Billy Briggs

Well, do ya?

That's too bad, because we don't have images of Prince's actual collection of cars and motorcycles.

We do, however, have an inventory of his estate that was submitted earlier this month to a Minnesota probate court. Among the interesting items: 12 Twin Cities properties collectively worth about $25 million, $110,000 spread over four bank accounts, and 67 gold bars totaling in value roughly $840,000.

And yes, those same Carver County District Court records also detail the late superstar's badass collection of automobiles, which we'll rundown -- with accompanying generic photos! -- below. We recommend making revving engine noises as you scroll through.

For far more detailed Prince estate coverage, check out this recent Billboard article by City Pages contributor Keith Harris. 

1. 1993 Ford Thunderbird

2. 1995 Jeep Grand Cherokee

3. 1997 Lincoln Town Car

4. 2004 Cadillac XLR Roadster

5. 2010 Mercedes-Benz

6. 2011 Lincoln MKT

7. 1996 BMW Z3 Roadster

8. 2006 Bentley

9. 1985 Cadillac Limo

10. 1999 Plymouth Prowler

11. 1964 Buick Wildcat

12. 1991 BMW 850

13. Buick Electra 225 (as referenced in the song "Deuce A Quarter"; unclear what year Prince owned, so we're showing you a '62)

14. 1984 BMW 633CS

15. “Purple Rain” Motorcycle

16. “Graffiti Bridge” Motorcycle

17. 1995 Prevost Bus

18. Honda Motorcycle (no year or model provided, so knock yourself out looking at the Google image results for "Honda Motorcycle")

Photo credits: Nos. 1-8, No. 12 Kelly Blue Book; No. 9 American Classic Cars; No. 10, No. 13, No. 14 Wikipedia Commons; Nos. 15-16 Warner Bros Pictures; No. 17 YouTube