Wanna hear a live recording of a 1979 Buzzcocks show at the Longhorn?

The Buzzcocks in 1976.

The Buzzcocks in 1976. Phil Mason

When punk bands passed through Minneapolis in the late ’70s and early ’80s, they played Jay’s Longhorn.

Buzzcocks were no exception. For their Minnesota debut, the Manchester pop-punk pioneers rocked through an hourlong set in downtown Minneapolis on September 10, 1979. And it’s all on tape.

The surprisingly high-quality audio recording of the Buzzcocks set has circulated online for a while. After the death of Buzzcocks’ frontman Pete Shelley yesterday at 63, City Pages alum and occasional contributor Jim Walsh tweeted the YouTube link. There’s no better way to mourn the brilliant punk songwriter than to hear his band bash out their greatest songs in their prime.

Walsh also shared some details of the show: The Gang of Four opened, and the Clash, in town for a St. Paul Civic Center concert scheduled for the following night, were in the audience.

(And here’s a not particularly fun fact I just happened to remember: The show appears in Jonathan Franzen’s Minnesotal-set novel Freedom.)

And speaking of the Longhorn, a documentary film about the club, called simply Jay’s Longhorn, directed by Mark Engebretson will premiere March 31 at the Parkway Theater in Minneapolis. That screening will be preceded by a February 9 “reunion concert,” with a whole slew of first-wave Minneapolis rock and new wave bands. We’ll have more info on both events once we get through the rest of 2019.

Need more convincing? Here’s the setlist:

I Don't Mind
What Do I Get?
Love You More
Harmony In My Head
Moving Away From The Pulsebeat
Nothing Left
Noise Annoys
Ever Fallen In Love
Everybody's Happy Nowadays
Oh Shit