Wanna be in the P.O.S. "Get Down" music video?

Wanna be in the P.O.S. "Get Down" music video?
Photo by Erik Hess

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Before you read further, are you the type of person who either: A. thinks about it, or B. just wants to get down? If your answer is the latter, perhaps you'd be a good candidate to appear in the new P.O.S. music video for his dubstep-laced "Get Down" single.

The song has already proven to get the theme of thudding, reckless abandon across in a performance setting (see: Soundset, Rock the Garden, etc.), but now as the Doomtree/Rhymesayers rapper prepares his fourth proper solo album, We Don't Even Live Here, this thing is about to get lit up. Later this month, a whole lot of free-minded dancers will be needed to fill up a party setting for this clip. Details follow below.
So, the first order of business is to get your head and style right for auditioning.

Looking for creative looking models, dancers and civilians of all types!  Ages 18-40, or older if you can bring the angst!  Be ready to dance even if you are not a great dancer, we just want to see you move.  We are looking for different types of fashion and attitude, so come prepared.  Think of a dance party you want to make heads move, away from normal "clubbing" outwear is encouraged, be BOLD!  This will be a fun experience, working with film professionals and for an established artist.  We look forward to seeing you and getting down!

Right? So get that vibe going for Monday, August 6 between 5 p.m. and 10 p.m. at 505 First Ave. NE, Minneapolis. And getting there early is probably wise.

Then, the chosen ones will be notified for call backs on August 7. Actual filming will be August 17-18.

Here's a general idea from a recent live show:

More info on the shoot can be found here.

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