Walking With Dinosaurs By Numbers


Walking With Dinosaurs, the prehistoric stage romp with gigantic animatronic dinosaurs, is a T-Rex sized production. Resident director Cameron Wenn crunched some numbers for us.

65:The number of people on the Walking With Dinosaurs staff.

17: The number of animatronic dinos, including two eggs.

1.5: In years, how long Wenn has been touring with the show.

90-2000: In pounds, the range of how much each dinosaur weighs.

60: In feet, the length of the longest dinosaur, the brachiosauraus, from nose to tail.


38: In feet, the brachiosauraus' height.

30: In centimeters, the height of one of the eggs.

Over 1,00,000: How many people have seen the show in North America.

24: In hours, how long the crew needs to set up the stage for the show.

26: The number of trucks needed to drive the shows dinosaurs, equipment, and crew from venue to venue.

3: The number of crew members it takes to control each animatronic dinosaur.

Walking With Dinosaurs appears at the Xcel Energy Center June 11-15.